Oblomov: a story about nothing

Meet Oblomov

Therefore he did as he had decided; and when the tea had been consumed he raised himself upon his elbow and arrived within an ace of getting out of bed. In fact, glancing at his slippers, he even began to extend a foot in their direction, but presently withdrew it.
— Ivan Goncharov

“Meet Oblomov, the very first doll. I painted him with acrylics and torn paper on masonite board. I painted him slowly. His inception was slow and his completion was slow. And when he was finished, I knew… his lethargy was appropriate. Oblomov is more than just one story. He is a story I've heard again and again. A story about nothing that repeats itself often during a lifetime. He is the end of many stories. He is the beginning of many stories. For me, he is the beginning of a long story. A journey of which I have yet to see the end or know the outcome, but when I glance at him, he reminds me from where and how far I have come. Here’s to special Oblomov, may his nothing story be the catalyst for you're something story.”


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