The Twins: A Story Told Twice

Meet The Twins

Two was unexpected. I never intended on there being Two. Only One. One expression of concern. One glance of Fear. Hint of Woe. Nod of anxiety. One intrigue. Only One. At least, One first. 
Naturally, One first. Fully formed before the other surprises me. Every stroke in place save the stitches to cover her face. A face held in place.
But then, Two.
Of course Two. Two seems the right number; Two follows one. At the very least, Two. Two… pieces of one girl? Two twins? Twin faces, twin paintings, two expressions, one illusion. Faces in place. 
Sometimes, they sit regarding each other, as a mirror. Close. And I wonder what they have to talk about and what is their conclusion. Other times, they're turned. Back-to-back, favoring the company of the world, holding their faces flawlessly, never telling. 
I look close. Have they switched? Is Two One and One Two? I cannot tell. Silly game.


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