Liriope: a glamorous story

Meet Liriope

"Liriope. She was as high maintenance as she looks. With so many objects and mirrors, Liriope was a challenge from the start. She demanded perfection. I was required to repaint surfaces over and over again, reworking repeatedly until they were right. It was enough to change my painting forever. Through the process of aggravation and perceived perfection, Liriope managed to push me over the edge. She is officially my last acrylic-only painting. After mixing and remixing and mixing again, I learned I was too slow for acrylics and too tired of quickly drying paint to remain an acrylic painter. So thank you Liriope. Thank you for your stubbornness and vanity, thank you for your neurosis. I have stepped through the door as an oil painter and I do solemnly swear, I will never go back."

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