Clausa: A Possible Story



The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.
— John Milton

"The idea of Truth, objective truth, is a tricky thing. For one, few people believe she exists anymore. Due no doubt to her elusive nature, Truth is commonly coupled with Myth; seen instead as an antiquated fictional creature or an elaborate illusion.

In fact, I think nowadays it is more common to view Truth not as herself, but rather as an impression of herself, known as 'truth.' ...Or as I like to call her, Perception. 

Given the shift, I will openly admit that I am not so prepared to completely abandon Truth's original identity or the possibility of her existence. And for no other reason than this: Perception and Truth are most certainly not the same thing. Perception is very clever and very convincing, and for all intents and purposes, looks exactly like Truth. But she isn't. Simply consider the likelihood that just because we perceive truth as being one way, does not mean that she is in fact that way.

There is, if ever so slightly, the distinct possibility that Truth may differ significantly from truth. 

For Clausa, this possibility has never been more relevant. Her story is one of contending realities; and the ability to discern between Perception and Truth, could make for her all the anecdotal difference." 


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