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Kat Renee is an artist and illustrator working out of Southern California. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Art at Kansas Wesleyan in 2004 and went on to receive her Masters of Art in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary’s Brehm Center (an institute devoted to the integrated study of art, theology, and culture.)

After graduating school, Kat Renee began a career as a self-employed commercial artist. Working with a close friend, she and her partner have licensed artwork to several major retailers and home decor companies, as well as opened studio art classes to local community families.

Recently, in an effort to create more meaningful artwork, Kat Renee began painting a collection of illustrations dedicated to the transcription of real-life experiences into visual stories. Using rag dolls as characters in these stories, she depicts each scene or portrait with specific detail and careful symbolism. 

Kat Renee views her art as an opportunity to openly expose and confront 'truths;' which she sees hidden in human circumstances and surprisingly universal in human experience. She considers each viewer important to the conversation of her paintings, as they bring to the artwork their unique stories and opinions. Each additional viewpoint adds meaning, value, and intensity to Kat Renee's illustrations. 

For further information, view the artwork here (Doll Collection) or interact with the stories by leaving your thoughts and comments on the Blog

Welcome to the collection: "Tales of a Ragged Doll"